Monday, 30 September 2013

Master Grouchy Pants

Aghh the joys of a storm that is currently rolling into our city... And we want to move to Brisbane, Queensland next year where they have alot of tropical storms.
We are expecting a bit or rain or maybe alot and deffinately strong winds. Earlier we moved anything that could fly away under the back verandah and put the car into the garage so here is hoping nothing gest knocked over with the winds or goes flying!
Candles are lit just incase we lose power. Better not happen during my tv show Home and Away! :)
Master J has been fighting sleep allday. Could be more teeth coming thru. He almost has a whole mouth full now including 2 yr molars. The only thing that seems to keep him from grizzling isn't Mummy cuddle's but watching repeats of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on cable tv.

I set up Master J's flip out sofa, gave him the pillow I had been using, one of his rugs and settled him on the sofa in front of Mickey. He had other ideas though. It was more comfy on the wooden floor apparently. But as long as he was happy. He has now gone to bed early at 6:15pm as he is over tired. Fingers crossed he is asleep soon.

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