Monday, 30 September 2013

Master Grouchy Pants

Aghh the joys of a storm that is currently rolling into our city... And we want to move to Brisbane, Queensland next year where they have alot of tropical storms.
We are expecting a bit or rain or maybe alot and deffinately strong winds. Earlier we moved anything that could fly away under the back verandah and put the car into the garage so here is hoping nothing gest knocked over with the winds or goes flying!
Candles are lit just incase we lose power. Better not happen during my tv show Home and Away! :)
Master J has been fighting sleep allday. Could be more teeth coming thru. He almost has a whole mouth full now including 2 yr molars. The only thing that seems to keep him from grizzling isn't Mummy cuddle's but watching repeats of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on cable tv.

I set up Master J's flip out sofa, gave him the pillow I had been using, one of his rugs and settled him on the sofa in front of Mickey. He had other ideas though. It was more comfy on the wooden floor apparently. But as long as he was happy. He has now gone to bed early at 6:15pm as he is over tired. Fingers crossed he is asleep soon.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The biatch is back!

Wow it has been 9 months since I have been away from the blogging world. Well not the blogging world but my page! Me blogging. It has been a full on last 9 months to say the least with lots of amazing things happening and then some trying and sad times. The loss of another special little child, family breakdowns, my own demons of depression and anxiety. I really feel like I lost myself at times. There was the almost losing my Dad aged 79 and then finding out he has dementia and can not live by himself anymore. My teen turning 16 and then deciding that finishing school wasn't for him and the dissapointment there as a parent who wants their child to do well and succeed. My baby boy who is now a 21 month old toddler continues to amaze me and bring me so much joy. The sun is shining today so I am going to make the most of this beautiful Spring weather and head out to the park. Master J loves swings. In fact we bought him his very own swing and slide yesturday from Little Tykes for our own backyard but it is not the same as if you are at a big park is it? I will return and blog what has been happening in the last 9 months over the weekend! 
Ciao for now!

Friday, 28 December 2012

And we have.... Bumbo

Well I have finally given in and gone against some proffesionals opinions and gotten Master Jax a bumbo to help with his tummy core strengthening. His back is nice and strong but his tummy is a little weaker so he doesnt like to sit on the floor unaided. He will roll one from end of the floor rug to the other, slide across the floor on his back as if he is following me around the room, Lift his head up high and follwing me around the room with his eyes and head moving nicely, attempt to do the start of a crawl and pull himself to stand up while holding my fingers in his little hands but he is not too keen on sitting all by himself.  So other parents opinions and advice has won out! 
And dont you just love the sexy lime green coloured one I chose!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Next few days were better

Once Christmas Day was over I was feeling better. I think there has been alot of goings on this year and I am exhausted and I always feel really sad and miss my Mum. 

But have alwso decided to head off to the Doctors next week for a blood test to check my hormonal levels... Hmmm pre menopause could be rearing its ugly head!!!

Had a wonderful afternoon with my Aunty and her current squeeze driving them along the coast suburbs of my city. He had not been to Adelaide before so seemed to appreciate the drive, when he wasnt asleep... lol...

A few more days and the New Year will be here... Bring on the new fresh year and 2013....


Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas can go F itself right about now!

Ok I should apologise for my post heading I guess but I have severe PMS today and obviously it is winning! And well I want this blog to be the truth. the whole truth and nothing but the truth in my weird and wacky world of ME, MYSELF AND I... Oh and my gorgeous boys!....
I am tired for one.... I am NEVER a morning person. Even when I was in the RAAF years ago I struggled to get up early though I did it.. Working in retail and starting at 8am and having to drop the now teen off at school first, I still struggled to get up. I did it but I hated it!!!!  The other is I sooo need a bloody hysterectamy as I do NOT like these mood swings I have been getting all yer... UNLESS I am pre menupausal... Maybe a trip to the GP for a blood test is in order?. I could so go lie down for a nap right now but I have guests coming over mid afternoon for the evening roast meal so going back to bed wont happen until later tonight.... I was feeling fine and then all of a sudden my mood changed, something to do with facebook and something I am not going to get into on here as the walls have ears so to speak... I guess at times I feel as if I only have my two boys who truly are my only family now that Mum isnt here!. I am adopted for those of you who dont know and well both birth families are dsyfunctional enough before I enter into the picture. Then there is my adopted family. The eldest brother married a jealous bitch who calls herself a christian and was actually in the church and good friends with our Mum until they got together and well he is estranged from all of us (his loss) and then my other brother is so much like my Dad (who well lets just say Mum left him at 67 yrs of age after 43 yrs of marriage rather than stay with him any longer).... So back to the other brother he is so much like Dad that his marriage has just broken down and while he is a good father to his kids he sucks when it comes to being able to talk to people (women, and yes me his sister, the one who has spent 43 years being his sister and putting up with his teasing and shit) and treat them very nice and with respect.. I was invited to my brothers half birth sisters house for a beautiful lunch today but after having had a headache for 4 days until yesturday I just didnt want to go. It would have been a nice lunch but I had words with my brother the other day and he just brushed off what I said about how I was feeling about something and well he can pee off too... The teen was happy not to trapse across the city to one of the seaside suburbs across town so then it was sealed. So we just had fresh baguettes filled with sliced ham and cheese and in about one hour I will lite up the bbq and throw a roast lamb under the hood for roasting. I will cut up the potatoas for roasting and I will set the table all christmas and top the pavlova with whipped cream and strawberries and then I will put on the biggest friggin smile both my boys and visitors have ever seen despite my PMS winning!!
Merry christmas from a warm and sunny South Australia xx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

A wonderful day

Yesturday, Saturday was Master J's First Birthday party. His actual birthday is this Thursday. All of the little cousin's or little friends seemed to have a wonderful time. They arrived at 2pm and the party finished at 4pm but of course it ran over that and the last little child and their Aunty left about 6ish. The Giraffe cake was a huge hit. It even got more likes than Master J on my FB page. Below are some photos of the party! As I wont share photos of other peoples children on FB or here without their parents permission there will only be a few photos shared...

                                                                  The Giraffe cake

                                                       The monkey & number 1 cupcakes

                               Blowing out the 1 candle with the help from Mumma and big brother

                                            Spoilt boy with lots of new toys, clothes & money

Bring on Thursday now when my little boy turns ONE. What a year it has been.. Born 6 weeks premature and 1.6 kgs. Heart surgery at 10 weeks of age etc, but thats another blog... I just want the world to know that Master J is the most gorgeous and loved little boy!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hello Summer

Wow I havent blogged for awhile again have I? It is hot here today. In fact at almost 10:30pm it is currently 33.c  (celcius) ... It was only supposed to get to 36.c but got to well over 40.c. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 38.c  I have just put the weather channel on Foxtel (satellite tv) and it is not going to get below 27.c tonight so we might be bunking down in the lounge room instead of our bedromms tonight. I dont think the ceiling fans we have in all of our bedrooms are going to help too much! Master J's 1st birthday party is in 3 days. It is expected to be about 30.c but stormy so we may be having his party inside... 

Check out these cute little glass milk bottles I have bought for the little ones to drink at the birthday party!

I have been busy preparing for Master J's birthday. It's Jungle theme. Here I was having a go at doing the candy bar table. It already looks abit different again 3 days out! There is alot of hellium balloons to add and al of the confectionary... Should be alot of fun on the day.